We are a marketing consultancy that helps businesses and personalities look AMAZING online and off as well as to best communicate with Millennials + Gen Z in their native tongue – Social Media. Meme, Gif, Emoji. We got you
At the core of our work is the audience.

In today’s crowded social media landscape we help businesses and personalities stand out to Millennials + Gen Z.

Our globally dispersed team of visionaries, strategists, and tastemakers use a mix of creative, digital, and PR to execute a long term solution.

We gather insights, tell stories, create content, build buzz, drive partnerships, and grow social media channels.

Our clients not only become more relatable, they are thrust into the cultural zeitgeist, transforming them from already successful businesses into iconic lifestyle brands.
In 2015, Hashtag Lifestyle was born from the visionary mind of original influencer Monica Dimperio, a trailblazer who started one of the earliest street style fashion blogs on the web a decade earlier – predating Instagram Reels and TikTok FYP.

Her only goal was to help small businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool. At the time that was revolutionary.

Monica saw the potential of social media for brand awareness since millennials and Gen Z spend their days scrolling. Her recipe for coolness? Tapping into pop culture, analyzing data for trends, and unleashing creativity to craft engaging content. And, boom – conversations sparked, communities built, and online presence boosted.

Over 8 years of working with founders and personalities, Monica developed a three-step process – Express. Evolve. Expand.- that blows brands out of the water.

Acting as your fractional CMO, she oversees a global team of specialists who take pride in their work, tailoring bespoke solutions for each client
Partnering with us means staying ahead of the curve.We don’t just follow trends; we set them.



Set the foundation for a strong and memorable brand identity in phase 1


Your deliverable is a bespoke style guide that expresses


your brand story through voice and visuals with an accompanying competitive analysis and is told consistently across all platforms with a lean towards digital.


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